Revolutionaizing the way you work with mqtt since 1993

A wrapper around the MQTT-DAT to make live easier.

Tested with

  1. TableDAT - Topics : A list of topics you are subscribing too.

  1.  TableDAT - Output: A fifo list of received messages.

  • Clean Session : Determines if the client should receive previous events on subscribing to an event. Make sure your ClientID is static, otherwise you might leak your server to death, as it will hold messages for ever.
  • ClientID : A way for the MQTT-Broker to identifie your client. Important for persistant topics.
  • Retain : Should messages be dispatched so that they are sent to new clients subscribing to a topic? (Like a pinned message)
  • QOS : How definite does the message need to be delivered. The more definite the slower/ressource intensive it gets. 

Publish( topic:str, payload:stringlike, qosQOS.Enum = None, retain:bool = None, encode:str = "")

Downloads: 293

Created at: 2.1.2023

Uploaded: 1.7.2023
added OnConnection check on Init.
new callback-naming convention and fixes.
JSON messages get auto de and encoded.
Fixed issue with empty topics.
Added wilcardsubscription.
Added names for subscroptions as shortcuts in callbacks.