Finites states for infinite people.

Banana mash is a finite state-mashine for TouchDesigner with a nice looking UI and powerfull callbacks.

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  • Conditions: Refference to the "Valuecomp". Changes of Pars of this comp will trigger a check.
  • States: The component holding the states. 

  • Default State: The name of the state that will be entered on init.
  • Check on Parchange: Checks all connections of the current state when one of the conditionals is adjusted. Skips timing.
  • Time Active: Checks if states should act on timing. If not set to true, states will remain static until a check is initiated, either via a parameter-adjustment, calling the Check() method or pulsing the Check parameter.
  • Auto Continue: Should a state evaluate all connections when it is entered or should it wait for an external trigger. DANGER: Recursion may appear!
  • Check: Manually trigger a check.

  • OnStateEnter(prev_state:str, state:str, time:float): Gets called when we enter a state.
  • OnStateExit(state:str, next_state:str): Gets called when we leave a state. Gets called before StateEnter
  • OnStateCycle(state:str, time:float): Gets called when a state is evaluated and no connections is used.
  • State_Callbacks: You can define the same callbacks, but for specific states. For example to trigger when state Foo is entered, simply def OnFooEnter(time)

This component implements an EventEmitter. Use an EventListener to catch StateChanges remotely.

  1. The current active state.
  2. The state of the current time.

The UI is situated in a subcomponent of the bananMashBASE. You can move the UI outside and reffer the baseCOMP.
L-Click: Select State. Drag Network.
M-Click: Drag Network.
R-Click: Create new Connection.
Wheel: Zoom.
Del: Remove State.
Ctrl+N/Green +: New State

The right side is the edit-space. 
The top list holds all connections of the selected state.
The bottom holds a simple editor for the check() function. This function will be called during a check of this connection. Use the parameters to evaluate the current connection.
Use the editbutton to open module in exterbal editor.

Downloads: 684

Created at: 3.6.2021

Uploaded: 2.7.2024
Complete Rework to version 3 with transitions and new UI!