Streamlined audio analysis and parameter control for audiovisual projects.

ctrlr is a successor to "m0d1". In the previous iteration, we retrieved the RMS value of audio from the AudioAnalysis component and manipulated the values for controlling parameters. Here, we avoid AudioAnalysis altogether and build the analysis features directly into the component. This provides us with an audio filter for each parameter we intend to control, as well as the choice between RMS and Peak analysis. All we have to do is feed it some noise!

  1. Audio CHOP, stereo or mono. 

  1. Single-sample CHOP.

  • Input/Output: Select raw audio channels, rename, toggle RMS/Peak analysis, toggle accumulation.
  • Filter: Isolate frequencies using an audio filter.
  • Math/Limit: Basic manipulation of analysed value.
  • Smooth: Apply filtering and lag/overshoot to analysed value.

Downloads: 472

Created at: 4.5.2022

Uploaded: 7.5.2022
Minor UI tweaks.