DPI Scaler


This component takes an input image and overlays it to a certain resolution defined by a DPI and size-setting.

  1. TOP - Image : The to be scaled image. 
  2. TOP - Background : This image will be applied to the background. This will be stretched. More for solid colors.

  1. TOP - Result : Resulting image that can be saved.
  2. CHOP - Resolution : The scaled resolution.

  • DPI: Dots per physical inch.
  • Size: The physical size of the element in mm or inch
  • Unit: Which unit got input. mm or inch.
  • Prefab: A small selection of standart printsizes.

  • Fit: How to fit the inputimage onto the resolution.
  • Translate/Scale/Rotate: Relative layout options. 

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Created at: 4.10.2021

Uploaded: 4.10.2021