File Downloader

Get files from the webs

With this component you can easily download files from differrent sources an automate processes.


  1. Download Progress: Gives you the downloadprogress in fraction.

  • Timeout: The time per chunk before the download stops and fires the on fail callback.
  • Redirected Source: If the source-url points to a redirecting URL (code 302), activate this parameter. Otherwise the finish-condition is not met in some cases. (This does not work in all cases. BEst is to directly point to the url)

  • Query_Download( source_url, target_dir, filename = '' ", meta = Dataset) : This queries a download. If no file is currently downloading, it will immediately start, otherwise it will start the download after the current one finishes. If no filename is given it will derive the filename from the url. Metadata can be accesed in the callbacks.

  • OnDownloadStart : Gets executed when a download starts and gives you the source-url, the target filepath and the metadata passed to the query-method.
  • OnDownloadFinish: Executes when the fille is completly downloaded and gives you the metadata and the path to the file.
  • OnQueryFinish : Gets executed when the last file in the query finished downloading.
  • OnFail: Runs when there is an issue and the current download could not finish.

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Created at: 5.1.2021

Uploaded: 5.6.2024
Multidownloading, passing header!