Fit Outside Geo

Always in frame.

This component takes an inputTOP and applies it to a square (or inputSOP) in a way that it will always be filled (opposite of letterboxing). Really great for videoconforencing n stuff.

  1. SOP - Geometry : The sop the texture is applied to. The SOP needs to be in a 1:1 aspect ratio for it to work. Use a transformSOP to scale in unity. 
  2. TOP- Texture : The textureTOP that will be applied to the geo.

  • Mode: Stretch, fitInside or fitOutside.
  • Crop-Color: In case of fitinside, should the letterbox created have a specific color.
  • sx, sy: Use this parameters to define the size.

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Created at: 7.8.2021

Uploaded: 7.5.2024
Added Border!