A helpful tool to display fonts so you don't have to randomly guess and check anymore! Just choose the path to your fonts, and then use the outputs to grab the path to the font you want.
important note: make sure if youre using a text top, you use the "fontfile" parameter for the path, not the "font" parameter
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  1. DAT - aSelectedFont: The font path for the current index.
  2.  DAT - bIndexList: The font paths for the displayed previews.
  3.  DAT - cfull_list: The font paths for the full directory used

  • fontPath : Directory path for the fonts to use (this can be slow if using a very large directory of fonts)
  • numPreviews : Number of previews for the UI to display (this will make things slower the more you enable)

Downloads: 516

Created at: 3.1.2022

Uploaded: 2.2.2023
Added mouse support for selecting fonts