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Google TTS-API

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This component implements the Google Cloud Text to Speech API directly in to touchdesigner.
To be able to use it, you need a Google Cloud account, activate the Text to Speech API and generate an API-Key.
With caching enabled, the audio-files will be saved locally to the disk and reused when the requests match up. Otherwise they are stored virtually and removed when a new audiofile is generated.

  1. CHOP - Audio : Connect to AudioDeviceOut to hear something.
  • Token : Your google cloud API-Key.
  • Gender : The gender that will be generated to create the spoken text.
  • Languagecode: The Languagecode of the speeker.

  • Text : What text to synthesize.
  • Execute : Synthesize the Text-parameter.

  • Replay Last : Replays the last spoken words.

  • Cache Files : If turned on, will save the files onto disk and reuse them instead of generating them new.
  • Cache Folder : Where to save mp3 files. 

  • Play_Text( text:string ): Synthesizes the string.

Downloads: 386

Created at: 7.3.2022

Uploaded: 7.3.2022