Instanced Font

Bye bye texttop!

This component takes a table of words and dynamicly creates them as instanced elements. So every single letterd gets rendered, and all word are passed down in one pass.
Extremly fast!

  1. DAT - Word-Table : Needs the columns text, x, y and scale.

  1. DAT - Instance Data : The data that is sued to instance the letters.

  • Font: Select the font that shall be used. Highly recommend using a monospace font!
  • Bold: Bold font?
  • Italic: Sleek?
  • Fontsize: The size of the single element in worldspace.
  • Size-Ratio: How far apart should the letters be?
  • Auto Update: Changes in the inputtable get translated to the instancedata instantly.

  • Load_Font(): Load changes to the text-top that is used to store the single letters.
  • Parse_Input(): Convert the table to instancedata.,

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Created at: 6.9.2021

Uploaded: 6.9.2021