jsonifier autosaves all (or specified) custom parameters in a project to external JSON files, which can be restored on project relaunch, relinquishing the need to ctrl-s in production/multi-machine environments.



Exclude Paths
Strings in the Exclude Paths par are ignored (blacklisting method). For example, folderTabs buttonMomentary will ignore all custom pars on and inside of those COMPs.

Include Paths
Strings in the Include Paths par, when present, are considered while everything else in the project is ignored (whitelisting method). This will always override the Exclude Paths par.

JSON files are reloaded on project launch so settings are retained without having to ctrl-s toe files. This option can be turned off in the jsonifier Settings parameter page.

Custom parameter attributes and values are kept up-to-date by default in each JSON file via a parameterexecuteDAT, added to every COMP found with custom parameter attributes. This option can always be turned off in the jsonifier Settings parameter page, Keep Par Values Up-to-date.

Custom parameter OPs can automatically be discovered in timed intervals while the project is running during development. This setting can then be turned off to reduce compute during production.

  1. (OPTIONAL) Add any strings you want to exclude from externalization. For example, if you do not want to include any COMP with the name folderTabs, add folderTabs to the Exclude Paths par.
Use single-space separation (apples oranges bananas).
  1. (OPTIONAL) Add any strings you want to include from externalization. For example, if you want to include only COMPs with the name 'settings', add 'settings' to the Exclude Paths par.
  2. Specify the folder you want the externalizations to be saved into. Note that if the folder does not exist, it will be created.
If you want to change the folder after externalizing, note that the old folder contents will not be deleted.Also note that expressions can be used (project.folder + '/lib', for example).
  1. Click on Find & Save Externalizations to externalize all parameters. The component will loop through the entire project until all settings are saved as external JSON files.
Note that you can also call op.jsonifier.Save() from anywhere in your network to perform a save.
  1. Once externalized, parameters will automatically update as they are adjusted via a parexecDAT that is automatically added to every found COMP.
  2. Save out your toe so jsonifier is retained.
  3. When the project is relaunched, jsonifier will automatically reload all custom par settings from the external JSON files.
: This can be called manually via the Load Externalizations button in jsonifier Settings.
  1. To delete a configuration, click the Delete Externalizations button. This will remove all JSON textDATs, external JSON files and parexecDATs.
For debugging, the Reset button deletes only the textDATs in the jsonifier component, and ignores externalized JSON files.

Downloads: 647

Created at: 2.7.2021

Uploaded: 7.7.2022
  • several bug fixes
  • added Recursive par for saving/loading only top-level component pars