Ever had a SOP that you quickly wanted to center to the world origin?
Wanted to scale it and rotate it after you had it centered?
Wanted to align it to either one, two or all three axes?
What about knowing its volume in XYZ?
What about knowing its volume but AFTER you've applied rotation and scaling?

measureAlign is here to help you!

Simply connect a SOP to measureAlign and you're good to go!

  • Any SOP that you want to center

  • The centered SOP plus any alignment, scaling and rotate operations you've added
  • XYZ volume after transformation
  • XYZ volume before transformation

  • Simple name - On/Off
  • Size - Read only - describes the new volume
  • Original Size - Read only - describes the original volume
  • Scale XYZ
  • Rotate XYZ
  • Uniform Scale
  • Align_X - Left, Center and Right
  • Align_Y - Below, Center and Above
  • Align_Z - Backward, Center and Forward

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Created at: 3.5.2024

Uploaded: 3.5.2024
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