Multi pass GPU Bloom

This component's code is from this :
I did not find any specification in the code so i guess we are free to use it. If you use it in a working enviroment try to contact who made it.

This component works fine in 8bit.
This componet require a texture with trasparent alpha to work properly, the bloom will appear in that area.
The number of iteration is fixed and they are 8.

This bloom has different stages:
In the first one you create the low resultion cuts you need for the bloom.(MipMap)
In the 2nd and 3rd pass , i honestly do not get so much in there... seems like something that make the blur not flicker when the icoming texture move.
4th final pass : you take all and make the bloom magic.
an overTop ,in the end ,puts the incoming texture above the bloom. I did it since there are some chromatic things happening that i could not correct.

  1. TOP- the texture you want to bloom. (TRANSPARENT ALPHA REQUIRED)

  1. TOP - the bloomed texture

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Created at: 4.4.2022

Uploaded: 4.4.2022