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Noodle Salad

Tasty noodles in space.

A simple technique using a trailingCOMP to create lines pointing to the next available target creating worm like creatues.

  1. TOP - Pointmap : 32BIT RGB Pointmap that is displayed, overriding the interl generator.. 

  1. TOP- out1 : The 1280*1280 Outputrender.

  • Rotation : How fast the internal generator should spin?
  • Uniform Scale: Basicly a zoom. 
  • Noise-Speed: How fast should the noise spin?
  • Amplitude: But just how much noise?
  • Resolution: How many points?
  • __TRAILING__
  • Steps: How many steps.The more the merrier.
  • Define color and Width of the trails. 

Downloads: 637

Created at: 6.7.2021

Uploaded: 4.4.2022