Private Investigator

Finds whats dirty.

The DAT Functionality is still in Beta and should be handled with care. Sometimes this will create and endless Loop that can only be stopped by disabling the PI completly.

This component helpds you manage the external-component workflow.

Drop a component into the table to mark it as a suspect.
Rename, Edit, Save and Reload the Component directly from the table.

A lot of tracked stats:
Who saved it the last time? Where did it come from? Which version are we using and how old is it?

  • Save Backup in TOE: If this is enabled, tracked suspects will be saved in to the toe file. This will increase filesize of the TOE, but removing a tox will create the last saved on.
  • Emergency Save: Save all dirty suspects on exit.
  • JSON: Save a json-version of the component.

  • Only Originals: Components will get an "Original" parameter, which will be set to False before saving. This will keep the Investigator from looking deeper into the component.
  • Tag: The tag suspects should be identified with.

  • Folder: The folder in which your components should be saved.
  • File Organisation: How external suspects should be handled. Pool saves all suspects into the same folder, Subfolder creates a folderstructure based on the path of the operator in your project.
  • DAT Editmode: If set to External, changing a DAT will update the header instantly. Changes to the component from outside will be triggered instantly. Internal creates TEMP-Files that have to be saved explicitly.
  • Default DAT Extension: If a DAT does not have the file extension set, it will be handled accordingly to this parameter.

Downloads: 1898

Created at: 5.4.2021

Uploaded: 2.10.2023
Fixed some weird relative pathes.