Remote Dependency

Get remote assets in time.

The remote dependency is continuation of the OlibDependency. Instead of just pointing to the OLIB, it can also be used to fetch data from various places like github, direct URLs or even complete custom logic via Callbacks.

  • Settings
  • Target Mode: On of the modes, defining the source of the URL. Depending on the selected mode the corosponding parameterpages apply.
  • Filename: What is the name of the file that gets saved. Example: tdPip_v1.tox or similiar.
  • DownloadDirectory: The download directory. Users can set TD_REMOTE_DEPENDENCY_DOWNLOADFOLDER to change the target downloadLocation.
  • Global Location: The location to put a global Operator. Users can set TD_REMOTE_DEPENDENCY_GLOBALLOCATION to change target.
  • Global OP Shortcut: If the file is requested as a global operator, what should its name bee? 
  • Deploy Stubs: Deploy the stubs for this component to "Typings"

  • Olib
  • Olib-Url: Only change if you know what you are doing :)
  • Olib-Slug: The slug of the component you want to fetch. 
  • Version Mode: How should we fetch the component? 
    Latest: Fetches the latest Version, ignoring breaking changes.
    Stable: Fetches the latest Build of the defined version.
    Fixed: Fetches on specific release.

  • GitHub
  • Repository: The link to the github repo.
  • Mode: How to fetch a release. 
    Search Tag applies the Tag and File Regex to find the specific version.
    Lates: Simply fetches the last release published/marked as "latest"
  • Tag Regex: A regex that is used to determine if a tag is the correct one. Some examples:
    v\w{1,9}\.\w{1,9} searches for a any tag in format of vNumber.Number. Examples: v1.1 v20.90 [....]
    v1.\w{1,9} searches for tags starting with v1. Examples: v1.1 v1.20 ; v2.2 would be ignored.
  • File Regex: Basicly the same as above. Learn Regex!

  • URL
  • Simply define the url. The component will download it no questions asked!

  • Callbacks
  • Return the downloadUrl via the callback. Here you can implement custom Logic. Yaih!

  • GetGlobalComponent() -> COMP : Checks if a component with the defined globalOPShortcut exists. If not, download it from the defined source and place it. Then, return the component.
  • GetRemoteFilepath() -> Path : Checks if the file exists, if not, it will download it and return the filepath. Pass this member to externaltox parameter of comps to auto download and load the comp on startup. Super nifty!

Downloads: 145

Created at: 4.11.2023

Uploaded: 1.1.2024
Fixed issue with remnants of older parameter names that did not get renamed.