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TauCeti RestAPI

Presetmanagement from the web.

This component offers a simple restAPI to control a presetManager.
POST and DELETE-Endpoints take json-formatted strings.

  • Manager : The presetManager.
  • Active: Active webserver.
  • Restart: Restarts the Webserver.
  • Port: At which port is the presetManager rechable. 

  • POST /store_preset 
    Stores a preset.
    { "name" : name of the preset }

  • POST /preset 
    Recalls a preset.
    { "name" : name of the preset, "time" : time to recall }

  • GET /preset
    Returns all presets available as a json-encoded list.

  • GET /preview/:preset
    Returns a preview-image of the preset

  • DELETE /preset
    Removes the preset
    { "name" : Name of the preset }

Downloads: 379

Created at: 4.11.2021

Uploaded: 4.11.2021
Initital Release.