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Depends on Tweener: Will Install the Tweener if not already in the Project.

Smoothly fade between different inputs or even tops, without havin to think about driving over transitions or A/B elements as this is completly stackbased.

  1. - N ; Selectable Inputs. 

  1. The selected TOP/Input with the given resolution and fill-type.

  • Tweener: Defines the tweener. If you already have on in the Project you can define it here. Will install the Tweener automaticly of not defined.
  • Resolution: The Outputresolution.
  • Per-Fit: How the inputs should be resized to fit the outputresolution.
  • Inputs: Number of Inputs.

  • Select_Top( target: TOP, time : float, force = False ) : Fade to the given TOP. Does not have to be an input, can be anything. Set refference to None for a fadeout. If the selected TOP is already selected, it will not fade. You can set force to True to force the seletion anyway.
  • Select_Input( input_index, time ) : Fade to the given input ( starts from 1 ). If Index is out of range it will fade out.

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Created at: 1.1.2021

Uploaded: 4.10.2023
Added force keyword.