Unity Bloom

Looks like a sun.

This component implement the bloom algorythm as it is used in the unity-engine.
Best results are archived with 16 or 32bit TOPs and color-values above 1
  1. TOP : The bloomable input.

  1. Top: The bloomed, untonemapped output.

  • Passes : The ammount of passes. Every pass reduces the resolution by half and applies a blur.
  • Threshhold: Determines the bloomable sections of the image.
  • Filter Size: How much should the images be blurred per pass.
  • Sample Step: How many steps per blur-step?

Downloads: 882

Created at: 5.9.2021

Uploaded: 3.10.2021
Revamped threshhold and added new parameters for fine control. Output is now the overlay and not composited over the image.